Ready To Crumble

It’s very sad to see these huge mills go down built to last forever! Acrington bricks and solid steel or iron supports inside. If money was in my hand the roof would have a football pitch, and there would be apartments on two floors, with swimming pool shops and cinema! That’s how big these mills … More Ready To Crumble

Mobile Phones

The Iphone has set the benchmarks for how much people are willing to pay for a phone, however do you think all the other brands even have a leg to stand on when it comes to pricing? Let’s be honest £400 for a mobile phone expensive! That is a mortgage on a house! Maybe even … More Mobile Phones


Madara Parma, a Latvian photographer, asked six of her peers around the world, from India to Argentina, to share their honest takes on the joys and challenges of a career in photography. via Should You Become a Photographer? — Discover